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INFOTEC convinced and committed with the National Strategy implemented by CONACYT to give open access to the scientific information, technologic and innovation generated by public funds, generated this repository in order that the results of research, technological development, generation of new products, processes and services derived from innovation and final projects graduate related to the field of institutional performance Technologies Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), particularly on the issues of Internet of the future, Big data, embedded systems, appropriation and regulation of ICT, science data, distributed storage, semantic models, knowledge management, among others, can benefit for students, teachers, researchers, scientists , technologists and the general public through the dissemination of knowledge.

Into INFOTEC Institutional Repository there are books, articles, titling projects, patents, memories of events and information about the technological developments made inside the institution.

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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2013A MDE Framework for semi-automatic development of Web applicationsArtículoJavier Solís-
2011Adaptation of business models to the Structure-in-5 organizational styleArtículoHugo Estrada-
2014An i* based approach for conceptual modeling of business process technologyArtículoLuis Carlos Santillán Hernandes-
2013An Ontology-Based Methodology for Integrating i* VariantsArtículoKaren Najera-
2014Analysis of general ontologies (Technical report)ArtículoBlanca Hilda Vázquez Gómez-
2014Definition of Linguistic Syntactic Patterns for Semantic Annotation of Business Process Models (Technical report)ArtículoSamuel Vieyra García-
2013Enriching Organizational Models through Semantic AnnotationArtículoBlanca Hilda Vázquez Gómez-
2013Extension and integration of i* models with ontologiesArtículoBlanca Hilda Vázquez Gómez-
2013Generating Ontologies through Organizational ModelingArtículoKaren Najera-
2014Measuring social isolation in older adults through Ambient Intelligence and Social Networking Sites ArtículoWilfrido Campos Francisco-
2014MexTIC en la búsqueda de nuevos horizontesArtículoBlanca Hilda Vázquez Gómez-
2013Plataforma de Datos Abiertos: una herramienta para promover la transparencia de la informacion´ gubernamentalArtículoHugo Estrada-
2013SemanticWebBuilder: A Framework for Semantic Web Applications DevelopmentArtículoJavier Solís-
2013TAGOOn+: Generation and Integration of Organizational OntologiesArtículoKaren Najera-
2013Towards supporting business services discovery through the integration of organizational models with ontologiesArtículoBlanca Hilda Vázquez Gómez-
2013Using Transparency Models to evaluate Open Data Systems: a case study using a Mexican Open Data PlatformArtículoHugo Estrada-