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Analysis of general ontologies (Technical report)
Blanca Hilda Vázquez Gómez
Samuel Vieyra García
Hasdai Pacheco
Hugo Estrada
Acceso Abierto
Summary Ontology consists of a set of concepts, axioms, and relationships that describe a domain of interest. A general ontology is limited to concepts that are meta, generic, abstract and philosophical, and therefore are general enough to address (at a high level) a broad range of domain areas [1]. The objective of this report is to analysis several general ontologies to identify which ontology could be useful to carry out the enrichment of business models. In addition, a set of Semantic Annotation Rules (SARs) 1 was defined in order to select the best concept and instance candidates from the general ontology (resultant of this analysis) to enrich each BPMN 2.0 primitive of a BP model.
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