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An i* based approach for conceptual modeling of business process technology
Luis Carlos Santillán Hernandes
Alicia Martinez Rebollar
Hugo Estrada
Ricardo Bautista_Quintero
Joaquín Perez Ortega
Acceso Abierto
Abstract. Recently, the use of technologies in organizations is a key feature to automate business process. On the other hand, the conceptual modeling of information systems is about describing the semantics of software applications at a high level of abstraction. However, at present, the modeling of business technologies has not been given at conceptual modeling level. Therefore, in this paper we present an approach to represent technology at conceptual modeling level in order to know the impact that represents to current business processes. We validate and formalize the approach through a real example in the domain of inventory management. In order to model business technologies, the i* modeling language was enriched with business technology modules that has been used to model technology that enables business processes execution. This approach allows system analysts to take right decisions on selecting technology to implement in software applications in early phases of software development.
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