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Adaptation of business models to the Structure-in-5 organizational style
Hugo Estrada
Alicia Martinez Rebollar
Francisco Barrera Rodríguez
Blanca Hilda Vázquez Gómez
Karen Najera
Acceso Abierto
Abstract. One of the main issues with the activities related to modeling and improving business processes is the complexity of the current organizational structures. In many cases, an enterprise could improve its performance if it could align its processes to a specific architectural style, as this would facilitate the analysis tasks and the subsequent design of information systems. However, currently there are few guidelines to systematically adapt as-is business models to a certain organizational style. In this paper, a methodological approach is presented in order to identify the organizational style closest to the business model of an enterprise and to provide a guide for adapting a specific business model to the structure-in-5 style. The proposed approach has been applied in several real case studies.
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