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SemanticWebBuilder: A Framework for Semantic Web Applications Development
Javier Solís
Hasdai Pacheco
Karen Najera
Hugo Estrada
Acceso Abierto
Nowadays, the use of models in software analysis and design is a common practice, moreover, most of the development projects use UML models to capture the dynamic and static view of the system to-be. With the emergence of the Semantic Web and standards such as RDF and OWL, new opportunities for the use of ontologies in software development have arisen. In this context, several works have used ontologies as a mechanism for the capture of system requirements and as an input for automatic code generation. However, most of current works propose generic development platforms that focus only in the code generation phase. In this paper, an Ontology-Driven Development Framework, called SemanticWebBuilder (SWB) is presented which provides a defined methodology and an agile platform for the development of semantic Web applications. The SWB approach encourages ontology and code reuse to reduce development time and has been widely used to develop Web applications for several government agencies and private companies in Mexico.
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