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An Ontology-Based Methodology for Integrating i* Variants
Karen Najera
Alicia Martinez Rebollar
Anna Perini
Hugo Estrada
Acceso Abierto
Many variants of the i* Framework have been developed since its definition. For instance, i* -based modeling languages have been proposed for agent-oriented and service-oriented software development, for modeling risk, security requirements, and so on. The integration of models expressed in i* variants poses interoperability problems. This issue has been faced at different levels, e.g. through unified metamodels, or with an interchange format to depict i* models. In our research work, we propose a practical approach to tackle the interoperability problems, exploiting ontology-based techniques. In a previous work, we presented an ontological representation of the i* metamodel and a tool to automatically transform an i* model to an instance of this ontology. In this position paper, we describe a methodology to integrate i* variants through the ontological representation of the i* metamodel, and a mechanism to support the understanding of models expressed in those variants. As example of application, we present the integration of i*, Tropos and Service-oriented i* by using ontologies and a tool to automatically transform models expressed with those variants in terms of that ontology
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