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The right to be forgotten from the mexican experience
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Protección de datos personales
Talking about new rights configured from the digital economy is increasingly common, attending to technological development. One such example is the so-called right to be forgotten. The concept of the right to be forgotten, originates from the already well-known right to personal data protection - recognized in several Ibero-American laws - and finds its relevance for analysis in the recent position of some courts and the need to incorporate it into the national legislation. However, some particularities should be emphasized with the right to be forgotten, especially in the digital age, since its guarantee could propitiate some violations of other rights, such as expression freedom, the right to truth and access to information. In light of the above, it is pertinent to analyse in the following lines the origin of the right to be forgotten, the reflections that have taken place in Mexico regarding the subject, the position of the institution in charge of guaranteeing the data protection and the legislation about this right, with the aim of giving the reader an overview of this right in the Mexican legal system.
Le droit à l’oubli en Europe et au-delà
The right to be forgotten in Europe and beyond
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